Quick Glance at SYNDICATE

The Music Business University SYNDICATE will be the ONLY place outside of Rick's personal coaching to get direct access to him. With the increasing demand on his time from his Major Label Clients and his Personal Coaching Clients this is his way of still making himself avaliable to continue to grow and develop your music career. It has been proven that those that get direct access develop and grow their careers faster.

Monthly Live Teachings  and Q&A with Rick?

At least 3 times per month there will be scheduled Teaching and Q&A with Rick. All sessions will be recorded and available in the Members Only Web Page for SYNDICATE Member's.

How Does the SYNDICATE Work?

You will be given Private Access to a Brand New Members Area and a Private Forum.

All of his new teachings regarding the ever changing landscape and technology for the music business will be delivered here.

SYNDICATE ONLY EXCLUSIVES will be uploaded on a monthly basis.

All Trainings will be recorded for future playback and as a resource to look back on.

There will also be never before seen videos and teachings uploaded to the Members Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I am already a Blueprint Member should I join the SYNDICATE?

YES!The Music Industry Blueprint is the foundation of the Music Business. Think of it as your Music Business College Degree. The SYNDICATE is your Continuing Education with Up To Date Changes.

2. Can I join the SYNDICATE if I am not a Blueprint Member?

YES! But it is highly recomended that you have both. The more you know and understand the business, the better artist you will be.

3. Will my price ever go up?

     NO! The price you get in at will be your monthly price for as long as you maintain your membership.
     If you decide to leave and re-enter at a later date you will have to pay whatever the current price is at that 
    time. You will also be locked out of the Membership Site until you renew.

4. If I stop the SYNDICATE will I lose access to my other programs?

No! All the programs are separate. You will just no longer be able to access the SYNDICATE or its content.

5. Will my Team have access to the SYNDICATE?

YES!! Your username and password will work for your team. We do ask that you maintain the integrity of the group and ONLY share with your legitimate team members.

6. Are there other Advantages to being a SYNDICATE Member?

YES!! You will not only get the most Up to Date Training in the Music Industry you will also be given Special Offers and discounts to any new Program Rick creates. You will get Access to purchase tickets to Live Events before anyone else.

7. How Do I contact Rick if I need him?

                         All Syndicate Members will have Rick's personal email and cell phone number.

  • What are the rules for using Rick's contact info? If you have a quick question and it is not time sensitive, send him an email and he will answer at his earliest convenience. If it is time sensitive, send him a text and he will respond much quicker. Do not abuse this priveladge.
  • Can I hire Rick for one on one coaching? YES. If you start trying to contact him all the time, he will suggest you reserve a time for a paid one on one  consultation. He has a limited number of slots available every month at the rate of $250 and hour (much cheaper than an attorney and most vocal lessons.) You can email him for a scheduling link after the two of you speak briefly to determine if that is what is best for you.